“The Other Way” Excerpts

Before you read:
These are PRE-PRODUCTION excerpts. This means that they have not undergone the rigorous polishing process that includes professional copy-editing, multiple proof-readers, and at this stage, have not had so much as an alpha or beta read. So among the occasional typo and improvement of prose, certain elements may change between now and final publication in November. Thoughts and feedback are very much appreciated, but most importantly, I’m sharing this with you as a thank you for your support and patience as I work to bring you the best possible version of The Other Way.

Select your excerpt below (February and March are chronological though there exists a slight gap between them in the full manuscript)

1. February Excerpt – Kibure
2. March Excerpt – Kibure
3. April Excerpt – Rajuban
4. May Excerpt – Grobennar
5. May Excerpt – Kyllean
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