Book II Updates

Thank you for your interest in The Other Way, the second book in the PASSAGE TO DAWN series. Scroll down to view a sneak peek.


The first draft of ToW is finished!

Now comes the nitty gritty revision process. I’ll be working my way through this draft over the next few months before sending it out for initial feedback from alpha readers. At this point I’ll also begin sharing snippets with you in my NL (sign up below).

Below are the remaining steps. It looks like a lot, but the last few stages go very, very quickly. The tentative release is planned for early November of 2021.

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If you’ve not yet checked out the series prequel, To Earn the Sash, this little treat may help hold you over as you wait. Feedback thus far has been very positive. Without giving anything away, there is at least one juicy nougat in this story that may clue you in on some of the events that will take place in ToW. 

Lastly, ToW will feature three additional character POVs. Dagmara’s POV percentage will be substantial. We will also see quite a bit of Kyllean, while appearances from Rajuban will be periodic and brief.

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