A few days into my not so kindly grumbling, Kelly suddenly announced, “That’s it, I’m writing it for you.” I laughed, but when I glanced up to see her determined expression I knew at once that I had erred; my wife was serious. And worse, she had been challenged. Needless to say, Kelly wrote the below biography and I was wise enough to just go with it.

He is a builder of worlds in books and his backyard. Once the snow melts in Upstate New York you might catch a glimpse of him through the twisted oaks with his trusted steed—well—magical Australian Shepherd, Magnus, who would  rather panic at the sight of a floating leaf than fly like one. They might be found blazing trails with a broad sword, or building bridges through the swamp with a chainsaw and an old laptop. Perhaps he is dodging the ever present nuisance of mosquitoes and plot holes, his finger never far from the delete. Enter his arch nemesis, a two-year old girl, whose sole mission in life centers upon preventing him from writing for any length of time with her piercing cries of “mine”, “I’m hungry” and “I don’t want Buenas Noches!” Luckily, his gorgeous, intelligent, loving, kind, wonderful, understanding, generous, hard-working, talented, and did I say beautiful sidekick, Kelly, gracefully enters to save the day so that Derrick can wrestle dragons, attend writers meetings, and bring the World of Doréa to you.

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