Derrick Smythe has been fascinated with all things elvish, dwarvish, and magical since his days of running through the woods with sharpened sticks in defense of whatever fortification he and his brothers had built that summer. After consuming nearly every fantasy book he could find, he was driven to begin work on one of his own. When he isn’t dreaming up new stories, he can be spotted hiking the Adirondack Mountains or traveling the world. He currently resides near his hometown in upstate New York with his enchanting wife, four winsome children, and his faithful-if-neurotic Australian Shepherd, Magnus.

We recently welcomed our fourth child into the world. Kelly remains committed to helping Derrick find quiet time to write. She is a saint.

Derrick’s debut novel, The Other Magic, was an Amazon bestseller in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, plus an honoree and award-winner in several contests. These include:

  • Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winner (2020)
  • Global Book Award, Winner (2020)
  • Global Ebook Award, Runner-up (2020)
  • Independent Publisher Book Award, Runner-up (2020)
  • National Indie Excellence Award, Finalist (2020)
  • Indies Today Award, Finalist (2020)
  • Wishing Shelf Book Award, Finalist (2020)
  • Kindle Book Award, Semi-Finalist (2020)
  • Reader’s Favorite, Honorable Mention (2020)
  • Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award, Finalist (2019)
  • B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

He has since released a short-story prequel titled, To Earn the Sash, the second book in the Passage to Dawn series, The Other Way, as well as a prequel novel, titled To Wield a Plague. Keep tabs on his next project HERE.

Having a supportive family is so important!
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